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New Light Learning and Vocational Centre

To promote in ethnic-diverse youth of Shan State, Myanmar, essential knowledge and professional skills to promote employability through one-year intensive training under interdisciplinary curriculum.


Child’s Dream Foundation

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Social causes


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Khon Thai Foundation

The Khon Thai Foundation is a social purpose organization that emphasizes upon the development of platforms enabling stakeholdersto be active on social issues.

Market of Implementation

  • Myanmar


Many Myanmar youth in the rural area of Shan State have been denied their fundamental rights to learning opportunities with as little as 4% are able to attend primary school. Educational infrastructure such as schools and training centres are very limited, exacerbated by out-of-date instructions and basic facilities. Following this great disadvantage in education, employment opportunities are scarce or severely underpaid that 70% of youth migrate to neighbouring countries such as Thailand and China as illegal migrant workers in order to sustain their lives with career options that, in reality, are only marginally better.


To promote professional and social skills as well as recognised qualifications, the training is facilitated and taught by highly qualified staff and volunteers with a customised curriculum to offer students:
  • English language and computer skills
  • Vocational and livelihood skills such as mechanical training and welding techniques, basic plumbing and electrical training
  • Critical thinking and creative thinking
  • Beneficiaries of the project also include teachers from our broad network of monastic/community schools who receive teacher training with standardised teaching methodology, classroom management, learning framework, teacher roles and responsibilities, etc. This is so that the teachers can engage in career development, deepen their understanding and, afterwards, adopt quality teaching approach in their own classes for further benefits for the students.

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