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Ningxia Dongfang Huimin Microfinance Corp.: Providing Microfinance Loans in China

Huimin works to provide small loans to natural persons, individual industrial and commercial households, small enterprises, and rural women in China’s Ningxia province in order to enhance their financial inclusion.


Ningxia Dongfang Huimin Microfinance Corp.

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  • China


In the Ningxia province in China, the harsh natural environment, such as extreme aridity and barren soil, cause slow economic development in the region, especially for smallholder farmers and women. Some of these rural women, have limited access to financial banking services and are mostly confined to simple household work with livestock, children, older generations, and the farmland.


At Huimin, we aim to further the financial services of individuals in China's Ningxia province by providing microcredit loans and other non-financial services, such as agricultural technique workshops and more to increase the economic development in the region.


Moreover, more than 97% of our clients are rural women, and by providing these women with credit, they are able to start small businesses, raise livestock, or plant economic crops. Further, these women are able to participate in Huimin's village group with other clients, allowing them access to more social interactions, a space of knowledge and skill learning, and support from other individuals.

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