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NPO Waffle: Equipping IT Skills for Women and Girls in Japan

Waffle Camp, our one-day bootcamp programme, equips rural middle and high school female students with IT skills, expanding their career options and unlocking their potential.


NPO Waffle

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We address the gender stereotype of IT against women and girls in Japan. Although the ranking of math and science score of girls in Japan are 5th and 2nd each (PISA, 2022), the women’s ratio in the engineering department is 15% - the lowest among OECD countries. It is clear that our society discourages girls from taking a IT/STEM path and the girls have low confidence in taking the path despite their high achievements because of the stereotype.


Waffle Camp's solution is to provide hands-on training in website development and programming. Participants engage in the creation of original websites using HTML/CSS, fostering practical skills and creativity. In addition, the program includes "Dialogue with Role Models'' sessions where participants interact with role models to gain insight and guidance for their future careers in IT. This comprehensive approach not only equips participants with technical skills, but also empowers them to envision themselves as successful professionals in the male-dominated IT industry. Furthermore, by partnering with local governments, the expansion of our program aims to change perceptions of gender stereotypes in rural areas of Japan. This broader impact goes beyond the individual students, contributing to a societal shift in attitudes towards gender equality in the technology sector.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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