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Nutrition Revolution Project

The project aims to address malnutrition and stunting problem in Indonesia by encouraging pregnant women and children to adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet through consuming moringa.


Rumah Kelor

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In 2016, Indonesia Ministry of Health published a study revealing that 1 out of 3 Indonesian children is malnourished and stunted. This condition is very ironic because Indonesia is very well known for it biodiversity and soil fertility and has the ideal climate to grow and develop many highly nutritious plant-based food products.

One of these highly nutritious plant-based food is Moringa Oleifera. Moringa is currently the most nutritious plant on earth. It contains 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, and 18 amino acids. With this nutrition properties, moringa has a very big potential to be the solution of malnutrition and stunting problem in Indonesia.


That is why we created Rumah Kelor, an organic moringa farm and processing company that cultivate moringa plantation and produce high-quality moringa based products. We also educate people about healthy lifestyle and encourage them to adopt healthy diet through the daily consumption of moringa based products.

If parents and pregnant women are more aware of what they and their children eat daily, and if they include moringa as their daily food as the source of their nutrition intake, the malnutrition and stunting problem in Indonesia could be resolved.

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