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We aim to impact learning outcomes of 300M students through capacitating 10M teachers by 2025 using a mobile app ‘ChalkLit’ , currently working in India with 6 states impacting 100k+ teachers.


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There are 9 Million teachers in India teaching 260 Million children in 1 Million schools. Teachers continue to use age old conceptual and pedagogical knowledge in classrooms and focus only on course curriculum completion. Almost 90% of teachers are not trained regularly, do not have skills to search for new content to keep classrooms relevant and interesting and are unaware of concepts such as Life Skills, Sustainable Development Goals, Gender Sensitivity, and Digital Literacy which are becoming increasingly important now. States have teacher trainings programs but cannot provide continuous professional development to teachers at the scale, quality, convenience or frequency that is required. This results in low teacher preparedness, relevance and motivation, and consequently student learning outcomes are low and they end up ill prepared to get admitted into colleges, and deal with academic and life challenges.


Capacity Building across IndiaWe offer our mobile platform- “ChalkLit”, to state education departments to run online capacity building programs for the continuous professional development of teachers and school leaders. It also provides services to other NGOs and implementation partners to put their content, trainings and programs on ChalkLit allowing them to offer online and blended programs at scale. It provides enhanced lesson plans, and trainings, with equal focus on scholastic and co-scholastic topics – Life Skills, SDGs, Social & Emotional Learning, Gender, Financial Literacy, Digital Citizenship, Inclusive Education for children with special needs, and Adult Learning which is seen to be increasingly adopted by women readily. The platform also enables a peer learning community through which daily bite sized updates on pedagogic inputs and best practices are shared that help teachers make their classrooms relevant and engaging. The platform benefits in-service and pre-service teachers, any prospective teachers or tutors who teach K-10 students.

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