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Avijatrik: Online Sustainable Tourism Platform

We are creating a community-based tourism platform to provide sustainable income and economic development to the local communities making them tourism entrepreneurs.



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  • Bangladesh


Every year, tourism companies in Bangladesh earn huge amount of profit from rural tourism, but the rural economy remains same. Locals do not know how to turn this huge amount of tourists into a source of income.

Undertaking sustainable projects, community tourism can be strategy for empowering rural people and improving the rural economy. Some communities in Bangladesh do not like tourism because tourists sometime harms the community, damage cause damage to nature and the locals are unable to benefit. However, if the community can harness tourism as a force for communal good, this can transform into a steady source of income, and bring better economic empowerment and opportunities for locals.


Avijatrik is an online tourism platform in Bangladesh with a twist. Our business model is designed to provide sustainable income and economic development to the local communities, making them tourism entrepreneurs. Community tourism is a process where local community invites tourists to visit their community with accommodation and food facilities, to get intimate with local culture and nature. Village people can do the arrangements for them. With Avijatrik, travelers will have a unique, localized experience and the communities will be economically empowered.

Bangladesh has its natural beauties but have no stewards to protect them. We will train local people not only being standard tour operators but also a protector of the beautiful places. Their workplaces will be the tour sites and are aligned in preserving these nature areas.

In addition, we are working closely with local tourism entrepreneurs by helping them improve based on the traveler's feedback, our expertise and thorough consultation of their services and also promoting them. We also provide training in collaboration with local NGOs.

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