TheraTalk: Online Mental Health Counselling Platform

TheraTalk is a comprehensive psychological services platform to reform the current mental health services in Hong Kong and across Asia.



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In Hong Kong, with a population of around 7 million people, it is predicted that almost 1 million people are suffering from various degrees of mental health problems, while only 200,000 of them are treated within the government system. The waitlist of government service is more than a year, while private services are often unaffordable.

TheraTalk aims to reform the current mental health services provision in Hong Kong and Asia. We aim to provide convenient, accessible and affordable mental health services to alleviate the pressure on government services and to help in prevention, early identification and early treatment of mental health problems.


TheraTalk provides comprehensive mental health prevention, treatment and education within our platform. Our chatbot Amy conduct mental health screening with zero wait time for our clients, which helps to detect early signs of mental health problems. If the client chooses to seek further treatment, they will be matched with a designated counselor who will provide online counseling services. Counselors will be matched within 24 hours of a request. Our services are affordable and reliable, with the effectiveness shown to be similar to in-person treatment.

Concurrently, clients can also browse through TheraTalk’s resource bank to access general mental health resources for free. Among all of our clients, over 95% of them are women and girls who suffer from various degrees of mental health issues and stress.

In 2021, we have launched a new initiative called “TheraTalk for Business”, to provide comprehensive hybrid mental healthcare to corporations through their employee benefit programmes.

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