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Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC)

Eliminate OSEC across the Philippines by working with Philippine authorities and foreign law enforcement to protect children in the Philippines, and develop a replicable model that can stop OSEC.


International Justice Mission

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Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC) - the live-streaming of sexual exploitation of children viewed over the internet, allows pedophiles and predators anywhere in the world to search online and wire a secure payment to an adult who sets up the show. Boys and girls—some under 2 years old—are abused or forced to perform sex acts in front of a webcam. 47% of OSEC victims rescued by IJM and local authorities have been 12 years old or younger; the youngest victim was a 2-month-old baby. The more abusive the show, the more the customer pays. Unlike bars or brothels with a permanent address, cybersex trafficking victims can be moved to and abused in any location with an internet connection and a webcam, or just a mobile phone. OSEC has become a terrifying cottage industry with high profit margins. Since IJM's work combating OSEC started in 2011, we have conducted 161 rescue operations, rescued 551 victims, arrested 232 suspects, and convicted 72 perpetrators. 72% of perpetrators are parents, relatives or close friends.


End violence by ending impunity. IJM has seen our model work across the Philippines in our previous casework - commercial sexual exploitation of children. By partnering with local authorities to rescue victims, restore survivors, bring criminals to justice and strengthen public justice systems, our work saw a 75-86% reduction in the availability of minors in commercial sex establishments (e.g. bars and brothels). We know that when criminals realize they cannot get away with these crimes, the abuse of vulnerable victims dramatically reduces. We have also seen how the arrest and restraint of one violent perpetrators protects dozens - if not hundreds - of vulnerable people who will never be abused in the first place. Strengthening the rule of law and supporting the public justice system is promotes a sustainable and eventually government-owned solution to ending impunity for those who exploit and abuse others. We believe that with continued government partnerships, OSEC can end.

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