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Leverages technology to reduce the number of deaths caused by Tuberculosis in Cambodia through mobile apps that facilitate care delivery and correct diagnosis.


Operation ASHA

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Cambodia with a population of about 15.1 million (2015), is one of the 30 countries in the world with a high burden of tuberculosis (TB). The prevalence, incidence and mortality rates of TB in 2014 were 668, 390, and 63 per 100,000 population respectively (WHO Global TB Report 2015, p128). The mortality rate is the fourth highest in the world, while the prevalence rate is the second-highest among them (ibid, p15).

The country still missed about 36% (21,060) of all forms of TB cases every year (Cambodia Ministry of Health, Tuberculosis Report 2013, p10) due in part to low population screening rates and loss to follow-up from point of referral at screening, to diagnostics and enrollment into TB treatment program.


Operation ASHA’s comparative advantage is in leveraging on technology to deliver TB care in the community. By using mobile Apps, to facilitate care delivery, will result in more people getting the correct TB diagnosis, receiving adequate TB care and being cured of TB. As a result, community spread of TB will be reduced. Our apps have proven to a) increase sensitivity of case detection by 12% b) reduce turnaround time for enrolment from 13.4 days to 3.4 days and c) reduce default rates to 0%.

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