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Openwater.in: Packaged Solution for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment in India

We have developed compact, modular & automated WWTP that is 5x cheaper and has 10x smaller footprint. Our novel design, algorithms, and automation reduce maintenance & modularity allows flexibility.



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Customers who require 1 to 200 KLD of wastewater treatment are under served today. Increasing ESG compliance requirements necessitate maximizing reuse of water which demands better treated water quality. Many are also looking to de-risk their businesses by reducing the dependence on fresh water. Traditional methods are a poor fit as they are cumbersome to operate at this scale and also have a very narrow range of pollutant removal capability. We are solving the needs of small to medium capacity wastewater treatment for industrial and select domestic segments.

Industrial ETP - Our technology gives significant savings because it is highly effective at removing contaminations such as TSS, BOD, COD, heavy metals, etc. This reduces the burden on the RO and evaporators.

Domestic - At home treatment and reuse of grey water will help cities be more sustainable. 80% of domestic waste water is grey- has very low pollution. It can be treated to re-useable, even potable, standards.


We have developed advanced water treatment method using modified electrocoagulation (EC) and advanced oxidation process (AOP). Patented approach offers a much more resilient and cost-effective water treatment compared to any similar offering.

Key advantages: (1) Lower total cost of ownership; (2) Better response of variation in waste water; (3) Automation; (4) Compact; (5) Modular.

To the industries we offer EC and AOP modules which can replace the existing microbial & chemical pretreatment. These modules come with packaged drive systems and automation enabling a hands-free operations.

Openwater CUBE is an ultra-compact packaged grey water treatment system that can treat up to 3 KLD of waste water and produce high quality reusable water. The system allows re-use at home, thus reduces the fresh water consumption of homes by 60-80%.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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