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Shangrila Farms

By Shangrila Farms

Shangrila Farms is working with farmer cooperatives in Yunnan China to create new markets for their coffee and honey products through fair trade. The company promotes environmentally friendly farming practices.


ProAge – Living Ageing Well

By ProAge - Living Ageing Well

Seeks to design and test Bed a Training methodology, enabling elderly people to be physically independent through an innovative programme and would be a cost-effective alternative to resistance training.

Ageing, Health

Traveler’s MAP

By Traveler's MAP

Traveller’s MAP provides responsible tourism products – tours which actively encourage local economic development while simultaneously “doing no harm” to the local culture, society, or the environment.

Arts and Culture, Conservation

Scholarships for Indigenous and Rural Poor Youth

By Tao Foundation for Culture and Arts

Provides college education and cultural training to indigenous Philippine youths, empowering them and enabling them to bring about positive change in their communities.


Mekong Sub-Regional Leadership Development Programme

By Child's Dream Foundation

Provides university scholarship to 18 young academically strong and motivated students in Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia to produce critical, responsible leaders and specialists and put the development of their country at the core of their personal career.


The Pioneer Facility

By The Pioneer Facility

The Pioneer Facility provides affordable debt capital for social enterprises producing and distributing sustainable energy, clean water, and sanitation solutions to low-income populations in Asia.

Energy, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

Clean Air Network

By Clean Air Network

Clean Air Network educates the Hong Kong public on the impact of air pollution. It is the city’s principal voice and network working to enable positive change in air quality policies.

Climate Action and Environment

Local Alike

By Local Alike

Promotes sustainable growth and employment prospects in Thailand by creating a platform that brings together travel agencies and local communities to offer eco-tourism options.

Employability, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation


By BagoSphere

BagoSphere assists rural youth in The Philippines to become more employable by designing competency-based programs connecting students directly with employers. BagoSphere wants to expand the program to other cities.

Education, Employability, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

Backstreet Academy: P2P Platform for Impact Travel

By Backstreet Academy

Backstreet Academy is a peer-to-peer impact travel platform for developing countries with the mission of alleviating poverty through micro-entrepreneurship in the tourism industry. It works closely with disadvantaged communities.

Employability, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

I am no Stranger

By SDI Academy PTE LTD

The aim of the project is to raise awareness among locals about migrants, show their support in reducing stigma as well as to support the migrants in overcoming language barriers.

Education, Employability, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

Saajha: Supporting Parents to Impact Learning of Children in India

By Saajha

Saajha is working to provide an ecosystem for parents to feel connected and supported in their efforts to create an environment for the learning and well-being of children across homes, schools and communities in India.

Education, Governance

Buddy HomeCare programme

By Foundation for Older Persons' Development (FOPDEV)

Buddy Homecare Programme provides quality home based care for older persons and simultaneously seeks to train more young people to become care assistants – generating incomes for the youth and care for the elderly.

Education, Health

Angkor Hospital for Children

By Angkor Hospital for Children

Reducing neonatal mortality and childhood morbidity in rural Cambodia.

Education, Health


By Hapticus

Provides a virtual transportation hub for commuters with special needs, delivering a suite of web and mobile applications for the commuters, service providers, and the organisations supporting them.



By WateROAM Pte Ltd

WateROAM is currently building a flagship water filtration system, ROAMFilter Plus, as a lightweight and highly portable filter for the benefit of rural and disaster-stricken communities.

Water and Sanitation and Hygiene


By Twopresents

Twopresents is a party invitation service which enables you to let guests know you want to share all the presents that you might receive with a local charity.

Education, Health, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation


By Tree Planet

Tree Planet’s mission is to create engaging means to plant the most trees in the world.

Climate Action and Environment, Conservation

ComMutiny-The Youth Collective (CYC)

By Pravah

The CYC project works with young people – interacting with them on a program established for young social entrepreneurs – supporting them to grow into socially responsible individuals.

Education, Employability, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation


By RunOurCity

The Youth.ROC program seeks to transform the lives of young people, particularly those who are not in Employment, education or training via a running program and consequently improve their wellbeing.

Arts and Culture, Health


By Siam Organic

Jasberry seeks to Transform the lives of low-income farmers in Thailand by creating innovative organic products with global appeal.

Agriculture, Employability, Health, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation



ELIV designs and implements social service projects based on the needs of communities, both in Taiwan and abroad by recruiting volunteers.

Education, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

The Island Foundation

By The Island Foundation (TIF)

The Island Foundation Empowers the coastal communities in the Riau Archipelago through its Education & Literacy Program.

Education, Employability, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

Looking for Regional Champions

By Teach For All

Building this region’s pipeline of future leaders who are committed to expanding educational opportunity for underserved children across Asia Pacific.

Education, Employability, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

Comprehensive Early Elementary Program

By Enuma

Grants more children access to quality education through the provision of mobile devices equipped with early-elementary level educational games.


CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation

By Coral Triangle Center (CTC)

The Coral Triangle Center will be a learning centre and Regional Hub. It will be an innovative platform catalysing and leveraging positive impact to safeguard marine resources for generations.

Climate Action and Environment

Jaroka Tele-Healthcare

By UM Healthcare Trust

Jaroka Tele-Healthcare seeks to extend affordable, quality and accessible healthcare to rural and disaster hit communities utilising web and mobile based technology.


List of Impact Organisations

Featured Impact Organisations


Moreloop curates surplus fabrics from quality garment factories and creates a market to allow SMEs to access quality fabrics at reasonable price. By offering...

Accelerate Community Technology (ACTSE)

Accelerate Community Technology (ACTSE) is a startup located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and specializes in web application development. ACTSE develops digital tools and digital...

Contented Living Group Holding Limited

Contented Living provides affordable yet comfortable housing for overseas university students and young professionals, aged under 30 years old with monthly income below HK$25k....

Prospect Burma

Prospect Burma addresses the skills gap in Myanmar to tackle the country’s worsening humanitarian crisis and to build human capital for a better future....


Aarohi is a not-for-profit grassroots organization, involved in integrated rural development in the Central Himalayan region of Uttarakhand with a vision to create a...

South Asian Forum for Environment

South Asian Forum for Environment, a regional civil society organization registered under Indian Trust Act of 1862, is spearheading interventions in accomplishing SDGs in...

Foundation For Excellence India Trust

Foundation For Excellence Inc. (FFE, USA), a tax exempt, publicly supported charitable organization based in Santa Clara, California, USA was established in 1994. Its...

inspiraComm Sdn Bhd

inspiraComm Sdn Bhd is a social enterprise established in December 2016. As a training and consultancy company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the founders...

SwitchON Foundation

Environment Conservation Society (SwitchON Foundation) is an award-winning not-for-profit organization. Since2008, SwitchON Foundation has led many innovative projects and incubated a number of highly...

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