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Parami Leadership Program (PLP)

Trains students from Myanmar with in interdisciplinary analysis, critical thinking and communication necessary to become leaders.


Parami Institute of Liberal Arts & Sciences

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KBZ Bank

KBZ Bank is a private commercial bank based in Yangon, the business capital of Myanmar.

Market of Implementation

  • Myanmar


Myanmar’s public and private sectors require graduates with varied and interdisciplinary skills to develop the nation. There is a void in domestic liberal arts and sciences education that prepares students to work effectively in government, business and the arts, as the modern workplace requires modern skills such as critical thinking, interdisciplinary analysis and articulate communication. We require a world-class institution at home that will encourage the nation’s best and brightest to study and work in Myanmar.


According to Harvard Business Review, liberal arts and sciences education gives students the ability to function in a multitude of fields, ask questions, and use their well-rounded experience to respond to real-world human problems. By providing a state-of-the-art liberal arts and sciences education grounded in technology and hands-on experience, Parami Institute is producing the leaders of tomorrow that Myanmar needs. The recent graduates of our one-semester pilot program, the Parami Leadership Program (PLP), have all acquired competitive jobs and demonstrated improvement in critical thinking skills. This is proof that our approach works and needs to be expanded. If we achieve our funding targets, we will be able to scale up PLP and offer it to two cohorts (consecutively) each semester, thus training 64 young graduates per year. In the long term, we aim to establish Parami University, Myanmar's first-ever four year residential liberal arts and sciences university, where graduates will receive a Bard degree.

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