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Participatory Mangrove Restoration

To restore 1000 hectares of degraded land into healthy mangrove ecosystems in Ayeyarwady, Myanmar, by providing ecological, social and economic benefits and uplifting coastal communities in the region.


Worldview International Foundation

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Social causes


SDGs covered

Endorsed by

VNV Advisory Services Pte. Ltd.

Market of Implementation

  • Myanmar


Ayeyarwady Delta has seen a 73% reduction in Mangrove areas in the last 35 years. This has left the coastal community climate vulnerable, which has further resulted in soil erosion, river bank erosion, increased salinity of soils, vulnerability to storms and storm damages. The programme addresses issues of biodiversity conservation, natural forest management, community forestry, water resource management etc. which will help the community directly and indirectly.
It also addresses income generating activities such as livestock, sustainable fisheries and improved agricultural practices and works towards reducing the vulnerability of the coastal communities towards natural disasters such as storms, cyclones and tsunamis.


This project increases climate resilience of vulnerable coastal communities already threatened by rising sea levels, as Mangroves serve as natural barriers that offer protection from the impacts of storms and cyclones, thereby enabling disaster risk mitigation.

Benefits include:
  • Mitigates up to 5 times more CO2 than terrestrial trees
  • Biodiversity hotspots
  • Mangrove roots act as filtration systems that prevent sediment deposition on coral reefs and sea-grass meadows
  • Reduction of soil, river bed and seashore erosion
  • Increases soil organic carbon
  • Carbon sinks storing large amounts of carbon
  • Increases sea food resources up to 50%
  • Secures long term income from carbon trade to benefit communities
  • High production of oxygen and effective cooling of air with 60,000 BTUs per tree
  • Active local participation & capacity building
  • Gender inclusion
  • Economic security

Type of Carbon Reduced/Sequestered

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

Amount of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent Avoided/Sequestered

1,000,000 tCO2e over 12 years from 1,000 hectares

Means of Measurement

This project is also envisaged to be a certified carbon reduction programme under VERRA hence it is also planned that the Carbon sequestration is going to be measured by using AR-AM0014 version 03.0 requires the use of the A/R Methodological tool

Project’s Environment & Climate Capability

Climate Risk Reduction, Climate Scenarios and Impact Research, Coordination on Climate Change Measures and Activities Across Relevant Actors, Education and Training and Awareness on Climate Change, Policy and Administrative Management for Climate Change

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