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EWS1294 is Cambodia’s early warning system, that uses IoT, AI, and IVR, allowing people across the country to sign up to receive early warnings in cases of disasters, such as typhoons and floods.


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Floods are a natural part of the socio-economic system of south east asia, but out-of-control flooding can lead to millions of dollars of loss and damages, not to mention potentially threaten human lifes and livelihoods. Getting timely warnings before hazardous events can eliminate some of the most severe issues, but reaching the affected population in a timely manner can be extremely difficult in remote regions, not to mention knowing when to send out warnings and initiate other emergency protocols.


We use low cost IoT sensors to monitor river levels around the country, which is then exposed to local government decision makers together with historic flood triggers. Government stakeholders can initiate the emergency protocols in a specific geographical area, which in turn initiates a callout sequence, which makes automatic phone calls to everyone registered to receive warnings in the affected area.

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