Platform for Renewable Energy Investment

The aim of the project is to mobilise green finance, using digital technology. It is achieved through a digital platform to democratise the industry.


Positive Energy Ltd.

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Clime Capital Management Pte Ltd

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  • Japan
  • , Singapore


The project developers of renewable energy projects often have great projects with good returns, but have difficulties attracting financing. They don’t know their way to the financial markets, and are confronted with a complex and costly investment process. Investors on the other hand, struggle to identify opportunities and work old fashioned with paper and email. This leaves good projects unfinanced, which would have been good business opportunities. It also slows down the energy transition. Simplifying the identification, screening and due diligence of these smaller projects will make financing accessible. Project developers will be able to execute more projects. It will open investments to a much wider range of investors, lowering cost of capital.


Our team works closely with local businesses undertaking various renewable energy projects that are unable to get funding. We’ve found that inaccessibility to funding is a major hurdle for small to medium size renewable energy projects. This rings true to any renewable technology ⁠— biomass, waste to energy, solar, wind and others. All these projects are equally important to mitigate climate change. Positive Energy’s digital platform enables these small to medium-sized projects to obtain funding through mobilising green finance — away from fossil fuels and into renewables!

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