Poverty Reduction through Community Development

Provides community development projects in about 1000 villages of Vietnam & Cambodia through an integrated approach in agriculture, microcredit, employment, health, education, small infrastructure, environment etc .


Mekong Plus

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Market of Implementation

  • Vietnam


  • Acute poverty for 5-10% of the villagers.
  • Access to education for the poorest.
  • Excessive use of chemicals in agriculture.
  • Poor hygiene and high expenses for medical treatments.
  • In the Mekong delta: poor infrastructure.


Mekong Plus’ main focus is poverty reduction. The quick approach is to keep the children at school by providing scholarships (3700 every year). The mid-long term approach is to provide microcredit & agriculture – where 6500 households are currently in the program. Their incomes increase by 25%/year on average. We start with people having a daily budget of USD1/USD2 and they leave the program once they have reached USD1-USD1.5. Mekong Plus also has the following programs:
  • Health education in primary schools. Gender & sex education in secondary schools.
  • Environment programs: tree plantations, best practices in agriculture, biogas etc.
  • WASH: training and co-funding of hygienic latrines

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