Powering Off-grid Communities with the FITS Powerplant

The Floating Instream Tidal & Solar (FITS) Power plant Project shall provide access to energy to off-grid Myanmar communities by generating power from the run of the river and solar energy.


DWR Offshore

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Market of Implementation

  • Myanmar


Approximately 36 million people in Myanmar do not have access to reliable electricity, equating to a staggering 58% of the country’s total population. Many off-grid communities and townships in rural and delta coastal regions of Myanmar are not grid connected, and often rely on diesel generators for power. Cooking fuel is typically wood, which is dirty and a fire hazard that cause medical problems for local people. Coupled with this there is heavy reliance on kerosene lamps and candles for lighting of houses, local shops, schools and clinics which has a detrimental effect on living standards on the local populace. Communities at the mercy of fossil fuels, diesel or oil generation, result in significantly higher energy costs than others in the world. In addition to paying more, this energy is often unreliable with interruptions on a daily basis.


DWR has been awarded a UK grant to carry out a pilot project. 70% is funded by the UK government. DWR’s solution is the Floating Instream Tidal & Solar (FITS) Power Plant which is a floating vessel that can be installed on rivers or in tidal regions. The FITS incorporates two vertical axis hydro turbines which can deliver 200kWp rated capacity (1500MWhr/year) to the end user. This will provide guaranteed power for at least 1000 village households 24/7. Solar panels onboard the FITS utilises solar energy to provide onboard system power and provide excess power to the mini-grid. The FITS shall provide a secure delivery of carbon-free baseload power at a commercially viable, providing clean energy access to all. One FITS Power Plant will have the following effect on a community:
  • Access to electricity; power for rice cookers, TV’s, refrigeration;
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • Increase in local economic growth & reduction in poverty;
  • Creation of local FITS operation & maintenance employment;
  • Climate change mitigation.

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