Pragati (Progress)

To train >10.000 students from rural areas within 5 years (each training lasting 10 weeks) as caregivers/nurse attendants and to provide them captive employment opportunities in home healthcare.


Edugreen Education and Services Private Limited

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SDGs covered

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Buurtzorg Neigbourhood Care China Ltd

Market of Implementation

  • India


We are addressing 2 problems:
  1. Offering professional education and a first job to young people from rural areas and by this helping them to exit the “spiral of poverty”
  2. Contributing to building a professional home healthcare sector in India by supplying well-trained nurse attendants and other professionals. By 2020 Indian home healthcare industry is expected to be a $6.2 billion market. This market faces challenges from unorganized service providers who lack quality and credibility. Perception of home healthcare is often limited to hiring a manservant or maid who has no medical experience. To overcome this challenge, leaders of the home healthcare sector understand the need to invest in well trained staff and professional ongoing training. Well trained home healthcare staff combined with advanced technology for diagnosis, treatment, patient monitoring and quality assurance will enable patients to receive quality care in their homes.


Home Healthcare Training Solutions Edugreen’s key focus area is to providing quality Home Healthcare Training solutions to the industry and to allow students to enhance skills in this specific segment. Key programs are for nurse attendants, General duty assistants, Phlebotomy Technicians, Emergency Medicine Technicians available at Training Centers across the Country in rural/semi-rural areas.

Captive Employment Options Edugreen’s JV with a global leader in community care, the Dutch Buurtzorg foundation, provides in-house employment opportunities thereby reducing lag time between training and employment. This represents a significant value proposition for the Healthcare Industry and future partners in the Skilling Industry. For Elderly people, we provide companionship, Elderly Care, Palliative care, Nursing care at HOME by Caregivers trained by Edugreen.

For Women and Girls : We provide gainful employment opportunity  to young women and girls from the less privileged part of the society by training them as care givers, nursing attendants.

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