Primary Care Center for Urban Poor

Operates a network of low cost quality and comprehensive healthcare services to the urban poor in India.


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Dasra is an Indian Organisation that initiates to help both philanthropists and social entrepreneurs towards bringing about social change.

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  • India


With 80% of health expenditure in India being out-of-pocket, “health shocks” are the single biggest cause of impoverishment in India. As per WHO, every year, 32 million Indians go from above poverty to below poverty line due to a health event in the family. These health events can be avoided by quality and affordable primary care services, resulting in better health outcomes and reduced incidence of health shocks. Nearly 1/3 of India’s urban population is estimated to live in slums – characterized by overcrowding, poor hygiene & sanitation and the absence of civic services. Urban public sector infrastructure is inadequate and suffers from acute shortage of staff and consumables. Charitable clinics are individual-centric, and therefore they lack scale and service quality guarantee. Consumers are forced to resort to a largely unregulated private sector. However, it is expensive and malpractice is rampant.


Our goal is to ensure access to affordable and quality health services to low income households in order to prevent such health events which translate to impoverishment. We have designed a scaleable and self-sustaining health care center providing one-stop access to high-quality healthcare. In 1 year, the center is expected to serve 10,000 patient visits at half the market rates. It will also help patients save 50% more time due to one stop shop format. Other benefits include savings in loss of wages from missed days of work, improvement in health outcomes (e.g., control over diabetes) and prevention of health shocks, e.g., early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes prevents diabetes related complications and associated expenditure and potentially death. Our costs are significantly lower due to various innovations – we have an in-house Pathology Laboratory, we purchase our drugs directly from the manufacturers, training and skill building of workforce hired from the community.

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