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ProAge – Living Ageing Well

Seeks to design and test Bed a Training methodology, enabling elderly people to be physically independent through an innovative programme and would be a cost-effective alternative to resistance training.


ProAge – Living Ageing Well

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Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE)

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Market of Implementation

  • Singapore


Traditionally resistance training has been recognized to improve strength and function in frail seniors in community and nursing homes. However, with resistance training, you need gym equipment which are bulky and not readily available.

In a recent local study by Prof Ng TP from NUH, it showed that frailty can be reversed. In Deakin University (Australia), researchers has also proven that a specific protocol for functional/power training that is non-gym based has shown significant physical improvements.


oa-programme-1-kim-tian-rcWe are looking to design and test-bed a training methodology that is non-gym based that can be more accessible to seniors who are frail. This form of exercise and training is unavailable in Singapore and to our knowledge in Asia as well.

The three top benefits and how frail seniors would feel are expressed in the following pointers,

1. Increase physical mobility of frail seniors – “I can walk and do what I want”.
2. Reduce risk of disability – “I won’t be a burden to others by being wheel-chair or bed bound”.
3. Potential to help reduce falls. – “I will be able to avoid hip fracture and falls”.

Future application for this regime would be the following:

1. Pre-surgery preparation for people who are frail.
2. Functional rehabilitation in an eldercare setting, e.g. daycare, nursing home to maintain a good quality of life.
3. Preventive exercises that can be proliferated into the community.

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