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Project Championing Good Cleaning

We have invented a proprietary special coating that sanitizes and protects your property for up to 6 months in one go. We also aim to help disadvantaged workers in career mobility.


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Cleaning has been regarded as a low skill, low wage job meant for persons with low education. We have managed to convert our cleaning company into a clean technology company by focusing on R&D for the past 2 years. Our new technology allows workers from disadvantaged backgrounds not only have sustainable jobs but also high value jobs.


We are currently working with more than 60 Voluntary Welfare Organizations in Singapore supporting multiple social causes including ex-offenders, elderly, persons with disabilities, single parents, homeless and persons with mental health issues.

Our product tests effective against E coli, Salmonella, Hand Foot Mouth Disease as well as Mould. This means that we are can effectively solve a World Health Organization problem of the Sick Building Syndrome. We are also able to tackle urban health problems like Indoor Air Contamination, Disease Outbreaks and provide greater social impact to places that have the most vulnerable: Hospitals, Hospices, Childcare Centres etc.

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