Project Expedite Justice (PEJ)

Combat child sexual abuse and exploitation by foreign perpetrators in Cambodia by improving the legal skills of local lawyers, judges and police.


Project Expedite Justice

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Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH Foundation focuses its resources on the areas of health, education, and international relations.


The number of tourists and foreign residents present in Cambodia has increased exponentially over several years. Unfortunately, the spike in foreign presence includes an increased number of traveling sex offenders who operate with almost complete impunity. Cambodia is an attractive destination for sexual predators because of the high number of street-based children and the elevated level of poverty. Additionally, Cambodia suffers from a culture of corruption that permeates all levels of government, leaving NGOs, instead of the government, as the main providers of social services. This perfect storm of variables allows most foreign perpetrators of child sex abuse, exploitation, and trafficking to remain unaccountable for their actions.


PEJ, in coordination with our local partner based in Cambodia, seeks to conduct trainings to improve the capacity and knowledge of Cambodian police, prosecutors, victim lawyers, and judges who work with child victims, who are often subjected to horrific torture and psychological damage, and the only witness to the crimes. We believe that by improving the legal skills of lawyers, judges and police, we can improve the quality of investigations and increase the chances of success in prosecution or civil actions brought against the foreign offenders in their home countries. Coupling capacity building with individual case review and support will ensure that good practices are understood and executed in a systematic manner in a sustainable manner and that accountability is realized.

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