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Project We Forgot Social Network

Provides access to services and knowledge resources relevant to dementia care, supporting caregivers in Singapore and Indonesia.


Project We Forgot

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The cost of dementia care in Singapore is $1.4 billion a year. Today, 1 out of 10 above the age of 60 has dementia in Singapore. By 2020, there will be 53,000 persons diagnosed with dementia and by 2050, this number will triple, hitting close to 200,000.

Caregivers often lack knowledge on self-care and caring, the accessibility to relevant products and services, and experience loneliness and isolation in the journey of caring.

The impact on caregivers:
  • Burnout caused by emotional stress or depression
  • A deterioration of health cause by the physical impact of caring and time commitment (a 24/7 duty)
  • Financial impact due to work related changes that can ultimately affect their income and the high cost of care


Project We Forgot (PWF) offers three things that caregivers need most: community, knowledge, and access to care services.

PWF is a community of caregivers to persons with dementia. We serve our community through offline events and an active social media presence. We build awareness and knowledge of treating and coping with dementia by sharing local and international content with our community.

PWF is expanding its support for caregivers through the development of a dedicated social network. This will allow caregivers to share resources and support each other at any time, as well as access a broad spectrum of locally-relevant care services and activities sourced from our community and partners.

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