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Community-Based Emotion Support Digital Platform

Acceset works with research institutions and clinical psychologists to develop training programs and equip the community with skills to support each other via a digital platform. Additionally, the platform also facilitates friendship matching between anonymous users who mutually appreciate each other’s anonymous content.



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Social causes


SDGs covered

Market of Implementation

  • Singapore


Acceset is seeking to address the issue of mental health in Singapore. We look into the problem of motivation deficit and other mental health issues, by making it easier to speak about the emotional experience, receive support and expand one's social networks to help bolster resilience.

Through its platform and solutions, Acceset aims to transform the narrative of mental health and educate people on mental health care.


At Acceset, to tackle the issues around mental health, we are working on solutions that entail
  • Train the community to be able to avail digital peer support skills
  • Leveraging on technology to enable people with a platform for interactions, exchange of support and for making new friends. See this video for how this works: https://acceset.com/video 

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