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Improves employability of Indian students between the age of 18-25 years through a blended learning approach which mixes technology with class instruction.


LEAP Skills

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Villgro Innovations Foundation

Villgro is India’s oldest and most experienced social enterprise incubator that helps build the social enterprise ecosystem in India.

Market of Implementation

  • India


Propeller is trying to address the systemic problems affecting the education system. Curricula used in education institutions lags significantly behind the needs of today's market.

Teachers responsible for creating a skilled workforce are disconnected from the job opportunities available today. Additionally, they use methodologies which are unable to create an involved classroom resulting in a workforce that, at worst, is unskilled and at best, skilled for opportunities that are no longer relevant in today's economy.

There is a gap in the understanding of opportunities created for Young India. Companies with large manpower requirements are unable to meet them, while unemployment is high and students are unable to find suitable employment.


Leap has followed a ground up, local approach to training. We have worked with ~4000 students using a classroom training model. Our solution is an output of extensive experience with the socio-economic contexts of our students, training and data collected through surveys. We have realised that traditional instructor-classroom approach to teaching is not scalable since the setup is rigid and resource heavy.

Blended learning mixes technology with class instruction, robust student activity data & personalized learning resulting in increased engagement. Students can develop their own path for learning, do it at their pace & conveniently access the platform anywhere. Technology enables customization, reduces man-power requirement.

The classroom, led by trained faculty, becomes a platform for mentorship, peer learning, and interactivity leading to increased employability. Connecting student to employment opportunities (primarily in the service sector) creates a supply of trained manpower.

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