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Prosthetic Arms

Develop, produce and sell a range of affordable 3D-printed prosthetic products for victims of accidents, conflicts, disease, birth defects and punishments in developing countries.


Vispala Technologies

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Market of Implementation

  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Nepal


Prosthetics today are either unaffordable for the world's 45 million poor amputees, or are usable only for cosmetic purposes. This is due to lack of technology innovation that can lead to usable, customizable, lightweight products, except at the very high end. Consequently patients manage without prosthetics, or find them uncomfortable, heavy, marginally usable, and leading to skin and other health problems. This is especially true for upper limb prosthetics which, unlike artificial legs, require alignment with diverse patient occupations.


  • Develop a range of upper limb prosthetics that do not compromise quality and usability, but offers increasing functional value and degrees of freedom at different price points.
  • Several of our amputee patients are 60 or older and benefit from prosthetic arms. A future product in our portfolio is a wheelchair robotic arm which is focused on providing assistance to elderly patients.
  • Loss of an upper limb reduces a victim’s livelihood capacity by 70%. We restore that person’s earning capability with our products. Also, 25% of our patients are (or enter)  below poverty levels because of the absence of an upper limb. Providing the arm allows them to earn again.

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