Pyo Pyo May (PPM)

PPM is a mobile app with fun, age-appropriate content designed to help girls and young women in Myanmar adopt well-informed decisions and behaviors that improve their health and overall well-being.


Koe Koe Tech

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Impact Hub Yangon

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  • Myanmar


Most adolescent and young adults in Myanmar don’t have the comprehensive knowledge needed to make safe decisions about their sexual and reproductive health or about how to improve their overall well-being. Girls’ inflated health anxieties are driven by insufficient and inaccurate information that is often reinforced by their communities. There are very few platforms in Myanmar with engaging and credible information that are targeted primarily at women.


PPM provides credible information on sexual and reproductive health, general health, mental health, as well as motivational tips, a period tracker, fashion and beauty advice, and quizzes to increase engagement. The information is culturally and age appropriated to ensure that it won’t be rejected by the girls and their communities. The app was designed based off our experience with maymay, Koe Koe Tech’s flagship and PPM’s sister app that is targeted at mothers and pregnant women.

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