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Qissa is Pakistan’s premier book publishing platform which helps aspiring authors to publish and sell their work globally.



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Publishing books is becoming increasingly expensive and difficult in Pakistan. The reasons include outdated machines, difficulty accessing printing materials, lack of productivity and skills gaps in the labor market, and failure to adapt to digitalization. All of this has pushed the industry to a point where writers are quitting writing as a profession, bookstores are closing down due to falling sales, and the cost of publishing is soaring as publishers are unable to evolve their business model to the changing landscape.

I wanted to publish a novel while I was studying in university but I struggled to find a publisher. Like me, there are millions of authors out there carrying a story in their chests, but are unable to find an economical, reliable and credible publishing platform which can help them solve this issue. Being the third generation in my family to be actively involved in promoting education and literature, I took it up as a challenge to solve this issue.


The project provides a web application where authors can purchase an annual membership to submit manuscripts for publishing. Upon clearing basic quality review, the authors have the option of publishing digitally or printing in small volumes at cost.

Our platform helps them gain traction for the book through digital marketing. We provide professionally designed marketing materials for their book, including posters and promotional videos. The best books are featured in the company’s newsletter and top authors are invited to speak on special radio and TV programs. We also engage bloggers and social media influencers to market our published content.

These activities help the authors build their readership and gain credibility in the market, which they may not be able to garner on their own.

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