Rabbit Ray

Rabbit Ray explains chemotherapy, blood taking, vaccination etc. to children through play. It presents health information in an age-appropriate manner which enables parents to support their children better. We are looking to multiply our impact by putting this toolkit into the hands of parents worldwide.



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First, it is important to present medical procedures and treatments in an age-appropriate way. We seek to remove the fear of the unknown by familiarising the child with the real instruments and procedures. Moreover, if we want better healthcare outcome – educating the “why” and “how” motivates the young patient on the goal (to heal and recover) and involves them actively. Healthcare is a team sport. Medical access is important. But health education and a positive experience will maximise health care treatment.


We understand nurses have a real time crunch, hence Rabbit Ray is able to explain the relevant medical procedure in 1 minute. If they have 3 minutes, they can go through the book to learn “why”. If there is 30 minutes of waiting time, the child can play independently by following a step-by-step guide designed with reference to World Health Organisations’ materials, and fact-checked by doctors and nurses. If all else fails, they can use our Augmented Reality app to distract the child with medically-accurate animations. We are working to be the Disney of Healthcare. Joytingle bootstrapped to create our flagship product – Rabbit Ray which packs 5 procedures into 1 tool kit.

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