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Recity: Circular Plastic Asset Management Platform

Recity is a Circular Plastic Asset Management Platform currently operational in 22+ cities, working with 3000+ value chain members & has brought 60,000 MTs of mismanaged waste into Circular Economy.


Recity Network Private Limited

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The current state of the waste supply chain, characterized by its informal nature, poses a significant disconnect among the various stakeholders involved. The disconnect primarily affects: supply of waste material (comprising consumers, waste collectors, aggregators) and demand for waste material (recyclers, converters, & Brands). The disconnect stems from a lack of understanding & visibility regarding the demand & requirements for recycled materials across the supply chain.

Waste generators, often unaware of the demand for the materials they collect, lack clear insights into the needs of recyclers, converters, and brands. Consequently, effective collection systems & infrastructure are not adequately established

Simultaneously, recyclers, converters, and brands face challenges in acquiring materials in desired quantities due to the absence of reliable information from the upstream supply chain. These challenges manifest in inconsistent material quality and low compliance.


Recity's vision is centered around creating an integrated platform that fosters collaboration and facilitates seamless flow of material & finances by ensuring compliance, transparency, & traceability across the value chain. This platform is designed to generate plastic as an asset: Physical Asset (recyclable plastics) and Virtual Assets (EPR, Plastic credits). The platform enables:
  • Digitally Enabled Sourcing for effective monitoring of waste collection & segregation across different sourcing layers.
  • Digital Facility Management for gathering data insights regarding the volume of materials sorted & available for recycling at the aggregation stage.
  • Data Compliance to allow for trading of these plastic assets, fostering a market for compliance-based incentives & enhancing the financial viability of sustainable waste management practices.

This platform would help to streamline a highly informal and disorganized sector & plug the data leakage gap. For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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