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Red Dot: Safecity Platform to combat Gender-based Violence in India

Red Dot Foundation has developed Safecity, a crowdmap platform in India for anonymous reporting of sexual and Gender-Based Violence (GBV), making it more visible by bridging the data gap that exists in official statistics.


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  • India


UN Women states that 1 in 3 women face some kind of sexual assault at least once in their lifetime. However, in our experience, these statistics are grossly under reported especially in India where a rape occurs every 20 mins in India.
Yet most women and girls do not talk about this abuse for a multiple of reasons - fear of societal backlash, culture, victim blaming, fear of police, tedious formal procedures and the list goes on.

As a result, women keep silent about their experiences and information is not captured anywhere. Moreover, this emboldens perpetrators over time, and society accepts it as the status quo. This leads to under communication and under reporting of the crucial issue of Gender-Based Violence. If there are poor official statistics, the problem is not visible and does not truly representation of the scale of the issues.

At Red Dot Foundation, we are empowering survivors to break their silence and document every instance of harassment and abuse in public spaces, and create effective solutions at the local level.


Through our Safecity platform, our objectives are as follows:

  • To create awareness about the sexual harassment and abuse
  • Encourage and empower women and other disadvantaged communities to break their silence and report their personal experiences.

After which, we collate this information to showcase location-based trends. We make this information available and useful for individuals, communities and local administration to keep track and work towards solving issues of sexual assault at the hyper-local level.

As a result, we are creating and maintaining a valuable data set which currently does not exist. The sharing of stories anonymously, aggregation of trends, notifications and alerts and offering solidarity through the comments section allows people to understand the "safety" landscape of an area and make the most informed decision for themselves. For example, they can decide on time of visit, method of transport to use, if they need to be accompanied by someone.  Our anonymous dataset has been used by police, researchers and communities to understand the nuances of sexual violence better, improve situational awareness and implement better policies.

For more information, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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