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APOWA: Action for Protection of Wild Animals

Action for Protection of Wild Animals is a Non-Profit that partners with local communities in Odisha, India, to work towards environmental sustainability, wildlife protection and livelihood promotion on a grassroot level.


Action for Protection of Wild Animals (APOWA)

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The State of Odisha, situated in the east coast of India has been continuously affected by harsh weather conditions and natural disasters like cyclones, floods, heat waves etc, that seem to only be rising at an alarming regularity.

Since the past 25 years, natural disasters are not only becoming more frequent but striking areas that never had a vulnerability record. According to research, in the past 25 years Odisha faced 23 natural disasters (7 cyclones, 12 floods, 8 droughts, 1 tornado). As we realize the disastrous effects of these natural calamities on the communities, we want to address these issues through an ecosystem based approach.


At APOWA, we have adopted a community based eco-system approach to address the environmental challenges and natural
disasters that uproot communities to leave them in a bad shape. The approaches involve

  • Carrying out a wide range of ecosystem management activities such as restoring mangroves, water bodies, costal forests and more, that will help will long term disaster mitigation, risk reduction and conservation.

  • Through natural resources management, we work towards an ecosystem restoration, involving communities to be able to collectively respond to calamities and revive livelihoods.

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