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Ricult: Digital Solutions for the Agricultural Ecosystem

Ricult enables stakeholders in agricultural industry to have complete control over farm activities, gain deep insights into all processes, optimize costs, and improve yields with powerful analytics.



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Market of Implementation

  • Pakistan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam


Agricultural value chains are broken in most developing countries. Farmers are unable to access affordable credit, insurance, high-quality inputs, affordable logistics providers, and competitive markets.

The lack of data and know-how to mitigate risks caused by climate change, environmental degradation, and price fluctuation in agricultural markets, makes it more challenging for them to grow and sustain their businesses. These inefficiencies lead to high rates of farmer poverty. Currently, 75% of the world’s poor are farmers.

It is clear that there is a pressing need to tackle this issue specifically in Thailand, Pakistan, and Vietnam, and Ricult has the solution for this.


Ricult solves the farmers’ pain points and helps them improve productivity and profitability by using technology-based solutions. Its diagnostic and predictive analytics use proprietary machine learning algorithms leveraging satellite imagery, agronomic models, and weather data to provide insights into farm condition, weather forecast, risk measurement, and expert advice to improve crop yields.

Ricult’s products and services include:
  1. Ricult farmer app which gives farmers free access to weather data, farm advisory, farm health via satellite imagery, farm measurement tool, and many more.
  2. RicultX which helps mills, banks, and input companies manage yield, sourcing, field activities, and risks with our analytics and machine learning models.
  3. Crop Scan which uses deep learning on satellite imagery to provide a crop classification model which automatically scans a wide geographical area for its crop types, growth stages, and estimated harvests.
  4. Financial Solution where Ricult uses a complex combination of agronomy and profile data to better predict farmer affordability for financial services.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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