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Scholarship for Sixty-Nine Girls in Bali

Provides educational support to 69 girls from disadvantaged families in Bali to complete their 12-year education through a comprehensive and sustainable scholarship program.


YKIP (Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi)

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Social causes


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Annika Linden Centre

Inspiration Foundation is a private Indonesian based grant-making foundation dedicated to funding and supporting exceptional projects in health and education.

Market of Implementation

  • Indonesia


(1) According to Bali Province in Figures 2017 (Aug 2017), 1,160 students dropped out from school in Bali in 2015/2016 school year.
(2) Poverty. In Bali nowadays, the access to educational opportunities is spread inequitably. The gap between the rich and the less advantaged children is widening. More than 4,14 % of people in Bali earn less than $1 a day (Social Economic Data of Bali Province January 2018).
(3) Teenage pregnancy is also one of the most common reasons for dropping out of school. Many girls in Bali get pregnant because of the lack of information and education they have regarding sexual and reproductive health. PKBI Bali KISARA Survey Year 2016 at 1,200 Teenagers in Bali reported that, on average, young people in Bali have sex for the first time at age 15. It was also reported that the earliest age of having first sexual intercourse was 11. The Welfare Statistic of Bali Province 2017 also reported that 6,04 % of girls are forced into marriage before they turn 16.


YKIP believes education can change everything and through KEMBALI scholarship program, we are going to support 69 girls from disadvantaged families in Bali to complete their 12-year education by:
(1) Responding to Urgent Needs: from fifteen years of our program experience, we discovered many girls didn’t have enough food at home to eat before they go to school – and that was making it hard for them to concentrate in class. So, we include snack allowance, so they could buy food from small food stalls run in their schools;
(2) Monitoring Regularly: many girls have a challenging home life. That’s why we monitor them regularly so we can guide and assist all students to make sure they get the education they need without dropping out. If a problem arises, we work with the school, community, and family to provide whatever support they need;
(3) In for a Penny, In for a Pound: once a girl becomes a sponsored student, we support her right up until she graduates.

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