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Sehat Kahani (The Story of Health)

Sehat Kahani aims to empower qualified home-based female doctors to democratize access to quality and affordable healthcare for underserved beneficiaries in Pakistan through IT-enabled solutions.


Sehat Kahani (Community Innovation Hub)

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APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) Foundation is an open, membership-based, not-for-profit organization based in Australia.

Market of Implementation

  • Pakistan


Pakistan, a population of 200 million and one of the fastest growing economies of the world still struggles to provide basic healthcare services to more than 50% of its total population. Around 24.6% of people live below the poverty line and lack access to primary health care facilities. This contributes to the country’s poor health indicators where for every 1000 live births, 78 children under 5 years of age do not survive. While the affording populations have the power to pay for health services, they lack the time and convenience to wait in long queues at tertiary centers. Pakistan’s poor health coverage can be attributed to its shortage of doctors where while 60% of the doctors graduating from medical colleges are female yet 77% of them fail to participate in the health workforce due to lack of social support after getting married and having kids. The barrier to equal participation in the workforce leaves a poor ratio of having 1 doctor for almost every 1000 patients.


Sehat Kahani leverages technology to bring about an innovation that helps tackle the issue of inaccessibility to quality health services while at the same time promotes employment opportunities for female doctors across Pakistan. We have brought measurable social and health impact through the following user-focused telehealth services:
  1. E-Health Clinics established in low-income communities for patients earning <$2/day. Each clinic comprises of a trained local female community health worker who facilitates the e-consultation between the online doctor and the patient. The health statuses of these areas are also expedited with health education drives on topics of nutrition and WASH to induce healthy behavior changes.
  2. E-Health Application for middle and high-income populations that allows access to a qualified female doctor in 3 clicks.
With the support of 1500 female doctors, we have impacted over 800,000 beneficiaries through our 23 E-health clinics, 15 health education drives, and our mobile application

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