To contend with the low birth weight phenomenon prevalent in Indonesia, Sehati offers expectant mothers a mobile application which provides guidance, pregnancy tips and a platform to book appointments with health practitioners.



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ANGIN is the largest network of high-net-worth individuals in Indonesia who pool resources together to engage in early stage investment and mentoring.

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Expecting mothers often face lack of practical information and guidance about their pregnancy, especially with only approximately and unevenly distributed 3,500 OB/GYN nationwide for around 5,000,000 and counting expecting mothers every year (1.7% annual growth), the first 280 days of life that are crucial for human being are at many times not monitored and prepared properly. As a result, WHO puts Indonesia at the top 9th of country with highest Low Birth Weight (LBR) where 15% of Indonesian newborns mainly suffer from low nutrition with weight <2.5kg, a rise from 10% in 2014.


Sehati offers a mobile application that accompany the mothers going through their pregnancy journey. The application provides standardised guidance, pregnancy tips, and booking platform for health checkups with hospitals, doctors and healthcare institutions.

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