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Sensor to Reduce Healthcare Cost

AEVice designs and develops an asthma monitoring device that uses smartphone notifications to alert users and ensures both early medical intervention and greater accuracy in asthma diagnosis.


AEvice Health

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30 people die from asthma each day. Asthma symptoms are not specific and the diagnosis is heavily dependent on a detailed clinical history with some supporting clinical findings and supportive investigative tests; there is no specific diagnostic test for asthma. It is also common for patients not to present any asthma symptoms at the time of their clinical visit.

Without a gold standard test available today, asthma diagnosis is still principally based on a patient’s thorough medical history recorded by experienced clinicians orally instead of clinical evidence. This is a highly subjective approach for young children especially to describe their medical history accurately. The current practice of asthma diagnosis is therefore subjective and requires several repeated follow-up visitations by patients before appropriate medication can be prescribed to patients to control their symptoms. This process can take up to years, endangering a patient’s life from inadequate treatment control plan.


At AEVice Health, we have developed a solution to tackle this problem. Using our proprietary technology, the AEvice device can provide a continuous longitudinal (i.e. over a long duration covering possibly pre-attack, attack and post-attack events) measurement on a patient’s the breathing pattern, duration of wheeze and the intensity of coughs.

Most importantly, this device can also be used for young children (and also elderly bed-ridden patients). AEvice device empowers patients to take early intervention and achieve better clinical outcomes, reducing hospital visits and help reduce long-term medical cost. For the first time ever, it also empowers clinicians with objective data to better diagnose their patients faster and tailor a more personalised treatment.

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