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Shangrila Farms

Shangrila Farms is working with farmer cooperatives in Yunnan China to create new markets for their coffee and honey products through fair trade. The company promotes environmentally friendly farming practices.


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Farmers in Yunna, China, lack the fair trade farming practices to distribute their coffee and honey products.


The team has developed over 70 products within 4 focused product lines: Coffee, Honey, Fruit Preserves and Skincare, selling 250,000+ units since moving to market. Shangrila Farms impacts farmers in two ways: 1) Shangrila Farms assists growers with technical expertise and training. They offer assistance to producers to increase productivity yields of the harvests and crops.  2) Shangrila Farms buys products at fair prices. They offer a premium RMB 2-5 (USD 0.32- 0.96) per kg for better grade products.

Tsf-producthe company plans to scale building on its core competencies and tested customer demographic. Successful channels have already been established and tested in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. After successfully raising the first tranche of Series A of US$500,000, the Company has doubled its online/offline sales in 2013 and is now seeking to raise Series A tranche II for further expansion.

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