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Shelter Associates: Solutions to transform lives of Urban Poor in India

Shelter Associates (SA) a non-profit collective founded by architects, has provided low-cost data-driven Housing and sanitation solutions to 5 lakh slum-dwellers in India.


Shelter Associates

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Slums or informal settlements are an inevitable part of Indian cities and they are riddled with multiple problems like overcrowding, inhabitable housing, narrow inaccessible streets, open defecation, lack of clean safe toilets, lack of sanitation and healthcare facilities and unavailability of essential public services.

Governments and NGOs also find it extremely difficult to effectively target the vulnerable communities and provide solutions in absence of reliable quality data. At Shelter Associates, we are working to provide low-cost data-driven housing and sanitation solutions to the slum-dwellers in India.


Shelter Associates (SA) designs and implements solutions that transform the lives of the urban poor. SA’s slum rehabilitation projects have impacted 9000+ individuals. Its One Home One Toilet project uses a cost-sharing model involving itself, Urban Local Bodies, and slum dwellers providing 26,500+ individual toilets so far.

Making data the foundation, SA uses Google Earth, Geographical Information Systems, Android-based apps for mapping and data collection. Using Plus codes innovatively SA gives unique digital addresses to inaccessible slum structures vastly improving the delivery of essential services.

In the recent Covid pandemic, SA facilitated vaccinations to 18,000 most vulnerable poor, living in inaccessible areas by using spatial data linked to Plus codes. SA also shares slum data in the public domain that helps local governments and other organizations leverage it for implementing and monitoring diverse welfare schemes.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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