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Siel Bleu India: Adapted Physical Activities for Elderly

Siel Bleu India is working with old age homes to provide Adapted Physical Activities to vulnerable older adult to make them physically active, improve their health and thus reduce medical care expenses.


Siel Bleu India

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Physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide.

In India, physical activity among older adults in extremely low. Large percentage of the older adults live in abject poverty, struggling to meet their basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. Even older adults in low and middle-income group strive hard to cope-up with basic needs. In general, for older adults to take care of their health, exercise and adopting a healthy lifestyle is a luxury.

From academic research, such as the paper - Geriatric health care in India - Unmet needs and the way forward, 2017, - India has nearly 120 million elderly people with various physical, psychosocial and economic problems. These have resulted from unaffordable physical healthcare programs, lack of awareness, support, enthusiasm and opportunities.


To tackle the issue of physical inactivity amongst the elderly, Siel Bleu India is equipped with physical instructors who are professionally certified in physical training, that have undergone training in Adaptive Physical Activities at our institute in France.

Our instructors provide training sessions for the targeted group of older adults, with activities such as:
  • Baseline study of health status of older adults
  • Designing the following activities, as per the requirements of the elderly patients:
    • Joint and Muscle Mobilisation
    • Aerobic workouts
    • Muscular reinforcement with body weight
    • Postural work, verticalization, static and dynamic balance.
    • Relaxation, working on breathing (abdominal - diaphragmatic breathing)
Apart from above mentioned exercises, Siel Bleu India also does the following:
  • Counselling and dietary recommendation for older adults.
  • Follow ups through phone calls
  • Curated special activities such as walks, outdoor activities, celebrations.
  • Facilitate networking, speaking, sharing and laughing to fight depression and loneliness.
The training provided will empower and strengthen the elderly, ensuring their health and happiness in the golden years.

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