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Silver-aged Talent & Creative Agency

OHH Dear aims at promoting active ageing as a preventive solution to alter the negative impacts of ageing and foster social inclusion through senior talent service, marketing and creative solutions.


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HK population is ageing rapidly, at a pace faster than ever. While Hong Kong has become the region with longest life expectancy in the world, the quality of ageing is a worrying concern to the population. Our senior population enjoyed good physical health but relatively weak psychological health. According to the Report on AgeWatch Index for HK 2016, HK ranked 86 out of 97 countries in terms of psychological well-being. A local survey conducted in 2016 reported that half of the retirees experienced difficulties in adapting to their new lives during the initial phase of retirement. The retirees were faced with decline in physical function, the feeling of “out of touch with the times”, a loss of identity and uncertainty about their role in society. Meanwhile, age discrimination and ageist stereotypes are still commonly found in our society. A rising hostility against older people was observed in recent years especially among the young generation which posed threat to social harmony.


The senior talent hub cum media firm developed by OHH Dear would unleash the potential of the seniors and redefine the perception of ageing. As a professional senior talent discovery network, OHH Dear provides a team of diversified talents, while fulfilling the increasing market demand for senior talents, we also curate a wider spectrum of freelance job opportunities with monetary and psychological reward for the senior community of different potentials. The modern and vibrant image of talents best represents the message of active ageing and unleashing the silver potential.As a marketing and creative solution with an extensive media platform, OHH Dear delivers quality and lifestyle-drive content to the 50+ audiences, foster intergeneration communications, also strengthen the digital presence of the silver-aged and enhance the social connection of the seniors and contribute to the development of an age-enabling society.

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