Singrow Pilot Strawberry Farm

As a demonstration of Singrow’s proprietary capabilities in precision agritech, completion of the pilot strawberry farm is underway in Singapore, which will result in lower overall carbon footprint.


Singrow Pte Ltd

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AgFunder Asia Pte Ltd

Market of Implementation

  • Singapore


To supply fresh produces to mega cities now facing increasing challenges, such as long food miles and cold chains that generate high carbon footprint, seasonal supply, food waste, limited choices, and more. Locally grown would be the best solution, but neither roof top farming, nor conventional indoor farming could be efficient and cheap enough to make a real difference.


By developing a new, proprietary protocol for cultivating premium-quality, seasonal bearing strawberries in a temperate climate, we have been able to mitigate the use of energy-intensive air-conditioning, resulting in a significantly lower energy use compared to similar farms. The use of hydroponic systems for cultivation further enables reduced water use, providing further benefits to the environment. Coupled with an accelerated cultivation cycle, the knowhow enables Singrow to produce more (fruits and vegetables) with less. With our advanced and standardized indoor growing protocol, we also make it possible to train an employee with no farming experience into “green fingers”, within a short course.

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