Skilling Teachers as Blended Learning Certified Educators

Teach A Class supports motivated teachers in India by helping them access technology tools to improve student learning and provide them with training and certification.


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  • India


There is a massive shortage of teachers in India. In addition, teachers that exist do not have adequate skills (they are not equipped with skills such as using technology effectively, monitoring and reporting using data etc.) to be future ready. The training provided by TAC focuses on Blended Learning skills that are essential for teachers to improve student engagement, content delivery and learning outcomes in the classroom.


A supervised blended learning environment has the potential to transform the Indian education system as it tackles key problems plaguing India today – the large population, the country’s many education needs and its shortage of qualified teachers. To address this, we select teachers and connect them to ed-tech tools and provide them with scholarships to test these tools in classrooms.  The program runs for 2 years during which we focus on developing key skills needed to implement a blended classroom using technology. Some skills include, classroom management, lesson planning using digital resources and data analysis. After completing the course, we certify teachers to increase their employability and earning potential. Since our program certifies teachers on skills needed for Blended Learning, we also work with non-certified teachers who can also become para-teachers, teaching assistants and get employed into schools of the future where technology will become a core part of instruction.

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