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Skills and Jobs for Disadvantaged Youth

This project provides a holistic hospitality training program for 30 disadvantaged and at-risk youth aged 16-22 in Vietnam, helping them to secure long-term employment and achieve their own potential.



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EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation

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  • Vietnam


Vietnamese youth disproportionately account for 65% of the unemployed population, especially youth with higher education are 3.2-3.9 times more unemployed than the less educated ones. This shows the mismatch between youth’s skills and the demand of the labor market, or the lack of relevance of educational and vocational training programs in Vietnam. 85% of the young labor force works in the informal sector without any formal training or qualification because vocational training programs are not well spread around the country, and while the majority of Vietnamese youth are low-skilled, early school leavers and live in rural areas, the current vocational training system falls short of meeting their needs.

Without relevant vocational training and job opportunities, disadvantaged and at-risk youths (poor, orphan, dysfunctional family, etc.) are driven to leave school early and accept low-skilled informal jobs to earn their living, making them vulnerable to abuse, crime, and trafficking.


KOTO offers a solution by providing a holistic 24-month hospitality training program targeting disadvantaged and at-risk youths, one that is highly practical, internationally-accredited and free. The program fosters professional and personal development for its trainees by providing a curriculum including Hospitality skills, English, Computer and Life Skills, welfare services and recreational activities. Trainees practice alongside with the coursework at KOTO restaurant, its joint ventures and external hospitality partners. 100% of trainees secure decent employment upon graduation. After graduation, KOTO continues to source and connect its alumni with scholarships, overseas job opportunities and training, enabling them to pursue further education or expand their skill sets to become industry leaders and role models for others.

The KOTO’s program increases marginalized youth’s employability, allowing them to achieve their own potential and in turn support their family and help others.

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