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The Skolafund project aims to expand building a web platform that enables less-privileged undergraduates across Asia to crowdsource their scholarships from individuals, corporates and philanthropic organisations.



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  • Malaysia


img_5844As students at the International Islamic University of Malaysia, founders Tengku Syamil and Syakir Hashim noticed a major issue among students in their university, which was the difficulty in finding financial support. Syamil recalls that he came across a Facebook post about a student who was struggling to find financial support to fund his studies and to support his family. To his surprise, hundreds of other students offered their help by asking for his bank account details so that they can help him regardless of how much they could donate. This heartwarming situation struck him with the idea to come up with a website that connected deserving underprivileged students who were seeking financial support with groups of concerned individuals who were willing to help.


12219552_1086911037986434_2136596026124807784_n-2Syamil and Hashim founded Skolafund in April 2015. Skolafund is web platform for students, especially the ones in need, to crowdfund their scholarships for higher education. Its mission is to make higher education affordable and accessible to those who qualify.

In four months the platform raised nearly RM 25,000 for 6 students, funded by 125 members of the community. The founders decided to enhance the website further, to make it more user-friendly, with an infrastructure that would be able to support more scholarship campaigns.


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