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Steps Social Enterprise: Providing Vocational Training for the Neurodivergent Community in Thailand

Steps Social Enterprise is working on providing access to appropriate and meaningful vocational training for the neurodivergent community in Thailand


Steps Social Enterprise

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Globally, unemployment for neurodivergent adults runs at least as high as 30-40% which is three times the rate for people with disability, and eight times the rate for people without disabilities.

  This problem is further accentuated in Thailand, where only 8.39% of the population of people with disabilities go on to secondary school. This lack of access of education is undoubtedly a contributing factor of the high unemployment rates.

  While there is a quota system for companies to hire employees with disabilities, only 2.79% of companies in Thailand decide to actively hire. There needs to be a more robust system in place to meet the current need of employers, and Steps Social Enterprise has the solution for this.


At Steps Social Enterprise, we aim to solve the issue of inadequate education in the neurodivergent community through the following ways:

  • Collaborative training-  This curriculum will enable education providers and employers to work together to collaboratively bridge the gap
  • Shifting the narrative- highlighting financial and non-financial benefits the neurodivergent community brings, on top of their competency
  • On-site employment models- better prepare learners for employment as well as how to create links and empower employers to be inclusive employers.

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