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BNET-Tech: STICKu Smart Walking Stick

STICKu is a multifunctional technologically-equipped walking stick, aimed at providing high-quality aid to those who require walking assistance and allow the users to understand their body status.



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  • Hong Kong SAR China


The elderly bear huge medical expenses today. This is not only limited to Hong Kong, but a worldwide issue that we are all suffering from an aging population trend in the next 10-50 years. One in four people in the world aged 65 or above in 2030.

More urgently, every 19 minutes, one elderly passes from a fall. Even just in Hong Kong, 87% of the elderly experience bone fractures after falling. With the rapid growth of the aging population and seriousness of falls as shown in the data, it is not difficult to see that there an urgent need and demand for walking aids and assistant devices.

At BNET-TECH, we have produced a smart walking cane called STUCKu which is a multifunctional walking cane, incorporates an additional level of safety. All the features are automatically on and off with the changing environment.


pSTICKu might be the solution to reduce the chance of falls and the fatality of a fall. The main function is fall detection which detects the fall and alerts caregivers by using our own algorithm. Once the cane detects a fall from the users, our system will trigger an alert to the caregivers, which includes his or her location. This enables caregivers to contact the users immediately, to check on their situation and safety. Users can also tap the alert button manually if they are in danger, which is embedded at the end of the handle.

By preventing falling and facilitating immediate aid after a fall, STICKu does not only benefit the elderly but also the people with physical disabilities and medical needs. These include patients with arthritis, osteoporosis, and mobility difficulty. These individuals are also facing the danger of falling, demanding a smart and reliable cane to support their daily mobility, as well as sending messages to their carers if they are in danger. STICKu, therefore, is one of the best solutions for them to ensure safety.

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