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Street Business School: Southeast Asia Immersion Workshop for Entrepreneurship Training

Street Business School (SBS) plans to certify 8-10 organisations serving people in extreme poverty in South East Asia to provide SBS entrepreneurship training to up to 3,600 women in their communities.


Street Business School

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SK2 Fund

Market of Implementation

  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam


Globally, 689 million people live in poverty. Street Business School (SBS) serves women in 26 countries who experience numerous and interconnected barriers to improving their financial situation, including: a lack of formal education; limited access to formal sector employment opportunities; lack of access to sanitation, hygiene, and health services; malnutrition; illness; and endemic cultural gender inequality.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship skills more needed than ever before. According to the Asian Development Bank in 2021, the pandemic pushed 4.7 million more people in Southeast Asia into extreme poverty and erased 9.3 million jobs in the region.

Despite these challenges, women who enroll in SBS increase their income and lift their families out of poverty drawing on the resources and opportunities that already exist in their communities.


SBS certifies other NGOs to customize and implement SBS programming in their communities, reaching women across the globe in their local language through trusted community partners. The SBS program is designed to support women regardless of educational attainment, literacy level, or experience in starting a business. The highly interactive, curriculum addresses building hard skills like bookkeeping, customer care, and inventory, as well as development of a sense of empowerment, dignity and belief in oneself.

Through an exclusive workshop for organizations based in South East Asia, SBS plans to certify up to 20 staff members from 8-10 NGOs as SBS Lead Coaches who will in turn train 3,600 female entrepreneurs over the next 5 years.

An external evaluation conducted in 2020 showed that women trained by SBS coaches experienced an average 163% increase in income, and 80% still have at least one business operating one year after graduating. SBS helps women escape poverty.

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