Safe Web for Women and Girls

The project will strengthen helpline ambassadors’ capacity on the safe use of internet based on the manual of SafeWeb and how to report online abuse via free helpline telephone mechanism.


Child Helpline Cambodia (CHC)

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Attitudes to online sexual relationships and gender inequality, influenced by low awareness of sexual development and healthy sexuality also contribute to increased vulnerability. There are strong indications of the potential for a repetition of the acute increases of Online Abuse and Sexual Exploitation observed in neighbouring countries such as The Philippines and Thailand. Local evidence and emerging trends reveal a serious threat in the area of Online Abuse and Sexual Exploitation suggesting an urgent need to address this before it proliferates in Cambodia. CHC will work to support the trained helpline ambassadors to segment their training workshops to educate boys and men to respect girls’ and women’s rights, LGBTQI’s rights, gender equality and promote non-violence and healthy relationship both online and offline. The helpline ambassadors will work in the communities to educate and promote reporting and access to needed services via the existing free helpline structure.


 Capacity Building of Phone Counselors on Child Protection and Online CounselingAs of 2018, Cambodia has had over 19 million telephones/sim cards. Child Helpline Cambodia is using a free helpline telephone mechanism, which is a government licensed free phone and supported by all private telecommunication operators in Cambodia. This PBX system is operated in the call center of Child Helpline Cambodia connecting with landline telephone system of Telecom Cambodia and all private phone operators. Calls could be made from zero credit phones 24/7. There is no cost and no bill from the private phone operators. Child Helpline Cambodia is also using the online question and answer platform, which connects free text messages from mobile phones via the free SMS phone 1293, Facebook, and email. Clients can send questions related to sexual reproductive health and rights, sexual transmitted disease, HIV, gender issues, violence, and abuse to the platform and get the answer and support services 24/7.

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