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Sundarbans Fishers Resilience Project

Establish a climate resilient fisher community in Bangladesh through improved early warning response mechanisms, and ensure social services to cyclone exposed seagoing fishers.


An Organization for Socio-Economic Development (AOSED)

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  • Bangladesh


The Southwest Coastal region of Bangladesh is a climate hotspot and vulnerable to natural disasters. Around 1M people are involved with fishing in the estuaries and cyclone exposed Bay of Bengal. Recently, the rate of cyclones and sea depressions have increased, which creats high risks for traditional seagoing fisher communities. Most of the fisher are ‘Malo’ Dalits and ‘extremely marginalized groups’ and they are neglected from mainstream development. Also, they lack adequate knowledge on disaster risk reduction techniques and preparedness, don’t use adequate safety gear, have limited access to social services and facilities, are dependent on local moneylenders (Mahajon) for financial support, and lack of alternative income sources during the offseason. Additionally, women in the fisher communities are not involved in Income generating activities.


  • Technology & services: Upgrade of tracking systems for vessels and a monitoring hub for effective communication and exchanging signals with fisher when they are in the sea.
  • Developing an ‘App’ for android mobile phone with local & International sea weather report updates and online based monitoring. This updated weather information will be broadcast through the monitoring hub for fishers’ access.
  • Safety gear assistance: Safety materials and equipment like lifebuoys, life jackets, signal lights and compass to ensure fishermen and boats security.
  • Capacity development: Enhanced knowledge, skills and capacity of fishers on disaster preparedness, using safety materials, risks management and alternative Income Generating Activities.
  • Advocacy: Effective communication and linkage between fishers and the relevant government agencies and financial institutions to obtain bank loans, insurance coverage and access to social services.

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